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The Kitchen Floor is Here!

No, it's not installed. In fact, nine of the 10 boxes are still in my car, because dang they're heavy and it was dark when I got home last night. 

But that didn't stop me from opening up a box and spreading out the boards across my floor. Clearly the boards will be staggered when I actually install them, but you get an idea of how they will look and it's uber exciting!

Creative Adulting | The Kitchen Floor Decision

I decided to go with NuCORE laminate flooring. It's similar to Pergo in that it has a tongue-and-groove locking system and does not require glue, but these boards have a cork backing, and most importantly, had a finish I loved called Glacier Wide Plank. 

NuCORE is available at Floor & Decor, which is where I bought my subway tile for the backsplash a while back. (In fact, Facebook tells me that project was a whole year ago today! Time flies!) I had a small sample credit because I've been indecisive and picked up sooooo many flooring samples in the last year and a half. 

Creative Adulting | The Kitchen Floor Decision

I mean, really. That's 17 samples, and doesn't include the winner!

That's it for the flooring announcement, but hopefully a step towards documenting the completion of this kitchen. Hopefully I'll have a completely finished kitchen by Christmas! 😍  Goodbye paint-plattered yellow old lady linoleum!

P.S. If you follow me on IG/are a friend as 100% of my followers are (Hi mom and dad!), you might be wondering why I'm skipping over projects and failing to post about my sunroom. Well, the draft is in my lineup, and has been since October 10, but the couch cushions have proved a bit of an ordering nightmare. Fear not, oh before-and-after-junkies, a full room reveal post is coming soon, followed by a process and (dun dun dun duuuuu) a project cost breakdown.