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My Own Before and Afters

Selling my house was surreal, but also a long time coming. Four years doesn’t seem like a long time to own a house, but a lot changed in my life in those four years. So, when we had multiple offers (like a lot of offers, I’m very grateful to say), and the process went fairly smoothly, I was relieved. I didn’t take much time to reflect.

I was busy ordering a moving truck, packing things, falling through my attic steps (thanks dad, for fixing those), and finding an apartment in Williamsburg with my fiancé Andrew. By the time we were moved and I went back on the weekend for one last thorough clean before we closed on the house, I was almost at a level of “good riddance.”


So when my lovely realtor and friend Kim Sebrell mailed me a framed drawing of my house, I finally had a minute reflect. Because this house served me well. It taught me a lot, it provided a significant financial payoff for my hard work, and it allowed me to be roommates with three of my best friends (one of whom I’m not engaged to!). And the final gift it gave me? These before and afters.

I love a good before and after, and I’ve been meaning to pair the listing photos that I would have overlooked in 2015 had Kim not brought me by the house on a whim with the gorgeous 2019 listing photos that helped earn us so many offers. So here we are. Some of the angles are not quite the same as the originals, so some of these sliders work better than others, but I love reminding myself of the transformation I was able to create with the help of my family and support system. So here’s my self-indulgent string of before and afters. I hope you enjoy.